Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Ratermann Cryogenics able to set, reset and certify safety valves?

A: Yes. We have a fully accredited test rig at the Herose Ltd manufacturing site, for quick turn around on all reset valves. The team are fully experienced in setting and re-calibrating all Herose safety valves.

2. What is your standard warranty period?

A: Our standard warranty is 12 months from the date of installation or 18 months from order date, whichever comes first.

3. Are your valves cleaned and degreased for oxygen applications?

A: Yes. Our products are fully cleaned, degreased and bagged for all oxygen, industrial gas and cryogenic liquid applications. Herose Ltd’s in-house, oxygen cleaning facility in the UK is capable of cleaning to international industry standards.

4. What is the standard lead time?

A: We offer fast turn around on deliveries:

  • 1 week for products in stock
  • 4 weeks: if out of stock for safety valves
  • 6 weeks: if out of stock for globe, check and strainer valves

5. What industry certifications do Ratermann Cryogenics have?

As the North American leaders in cryogenic valves, Ratermann Cryogenics meet international standards wherever possible:

  • ISO 9001 quality: full international accreditation. This extends to all our administrative, sales and warehouse activities.
  • EN 10204.3.1 raw materials: international certification proving alloy content and strength. Contact us to request a full certificate.
  • DIN EN ISO 10497 fire testing, DIN EN 12567 isolating valves for LNG and fire safe for LNG globe valves: international standard, where stated.
  • BS EN 1626 for all cryogenic valves: international standard.
  • Category IV, Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and Transportation Pressure Equipment Directive (TPED): European standard designed to make sure that pressure equipment is safe.

6. Do Ratermann Cryogenics have experience in project management?

A: Yes. Our highly qualified project managers have the technical expertise and understanding of international standards to:

  • advise on the correct valve for a specific application
  • design and manufacture full cryogenic valve projects
  • work closely with you to overcome specific client issues